Hello and thank you for choosing to become a vital member of the "Well Tech Leaders" Lifewave International Team!  We are thrilled to be working with you and want you to know that we are fully committed to doing all that we can to help you succeed beyond your expectations in this great business.

Regarding our postcard marketing system; this is immediately available to all our team members.  We have all the parts in place for you to plug into and benefit from this excellent offline recruiting system, that produces consistent results for our team members. 

Here's how to use this marketing tool… 

Step 1:  You will need your own local phone number and pre-recorded, ready to go voice message. We have this ready for you. The cost is just $9.95 a month which includes your unique new marketing phone number, the pre-recorded message already installed in your account and ready to go, and the ability to collect unlimited voice messages from prospects responding to your postcard campaign.  

To set up your new voice mail box go here:  https://800Link.com/welltechleaders — Choose the $9.95 "Personal" package which includes one new local phone number of your choice, and up to 500 minutes of use; very adequate to begin with.  (You can choose to upgrade later on if need be, but start here to keep this affordable).  After you choose your new local phone number and complete the account set up, wait 15 to 20 minutes and then call your new number.  The message will play and you can leave a test response for yourself to see how this all works.  You'll receive an email almost instantly from the system telling you that you have new voice message, with a link to the recording. (Always test your tools before using them in your marketing…)

Step 2:  Now that you have your new number, you can use it for your postcard marketing campaign.  Order your postcards here https://mlmpostcardgenius.com/orders and specify your new phone number to be printed on the postcards.

That's it.  It is JUST THAT SIMPLE!  Welcome to automated marketing that works…

Robert Wade & Jim Marshall
WellTech Leaders Team, co-founders
Independent Lifewave International Distributor